January 3, 2018

New Owner!
Anyone that was raised on a farm understands how a piece of land becomes
a member of the family. After 3 years of searching for the perfect place to adopt,
it took only seconds to fall in love with the beauty of True Nature Farm and the
special trees that live here. Please be patient with 2018's low inventory as I work
through the details of the transition. I am passionate about preserving,
protecting, and producing these unique trees. I am certain that you will find them
as intriguing as I do.

Please visit the 2018 catalog to see availability of many hard to find Midwest native
2016 was one of the wettest on record in Southern Minnesota which helped
fill up our new pond and helped our tree seedlings and blueberries but helped the
weeds even more
.  An untimely frost in the spring of 2016 killed all local oak and
butternut flowers virtually eliminating the fall crop of these nuts.  Consequently,
availability of oaks and butternuts will be limited the next few years.

Remember, everything is grown here organically and with lots of love.
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Thanks for your interest!
True Nature Farm, LLC
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