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Nut Trees

  1. American Chestnut   The American Chestnut Foundation is a
    major nonprofit organization working to restore the American chestnut through breeding
    trees resistant to chestnut blight.
  2. Northern Nut Growers   A nonprofit organization for
    those interested in the culture of hardy nut trees
  3. Badgersett Research Corporation (chestnuts):   Phil Rutter has
    spent the last three decades breeding hybrid chestnuts and hazels.  Some of the
    chestnuts we grow here originated from seeds produced at his farm outside of Canton,

Sources of Uncommon/Native Trees

I suppose we shouldn't plug competitors on this site, but about the only thing we like better than
selling trees is buying them!  Here are some of our favorite sellers of native and uncommon trees:

  1. ForestFarm:    Forestfarm offers the most complete selection of
    trees and woody shrubs in the US (okay, maybe in the world).  Unfortunately, their potted
    plants are often leafed out by time they get shipped to the upper midwest, so if you live in
    this area you may need to provide frost protection until the danger of frost is passed.
  2. Reeseville Ridge Nursery:
    You gotta love the low prices here and they offer many, many hard to find native trees and
  3. St. Lawrence Nurseries: 325 State Highway 345, Potsdam, NY 13676 St. Lawrence
    Nurseries is a very dependable source of hardy native northern trees as well as fruit trees
    and shrubs, including blueberries.

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