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True Nature Farm
Welcome to True Nature Farm, LLC, your source for hardy native and
uncommon trees for the upper midwest.  One of our many varieties
of hardy oak or hickory seedlings is
just right for your yard or forestry
planting.  We also feature hard to find nut trees such as the chestnut
butternut and black maple.  
Everything at True Nature Farm is
grown organically!

  • True Nature Farm, LLC is located north of Rochester Minnesota in
    a windy zone 4 location.  To ensure hardiness and optimal
    genetics for the upper Midwest, we collect most of our seed
    for stock locally.  All stock is grown at our farm under tough
    conditions that produce superior trees that will perform well in
    your yard or orchard.  Browse our online catalog to find a truly
    unique selection of trees for your landscape.

  • Like blueberries?  Make a midsummer visit to our U-pick
    blueberry patch, here in Southeastern Minnesota, where you
    can fill up with delicious organically grown blueberries.

  • Over the years, we have planted thousands of butternuts
    (Juglans cinerea) as part of our large scale project to screen
    for resistance to butternut canker.  Benefit from our
    experience with the butternut by buying some of our
    seedlings or by visiting our planting here in Rochester.

  • Our chestnut plantings consist of American, Chinese and
    hybrid chestnuts as well as a few chinkapins.  Screening
    thousands of hybrid chestnut seedlings for hardiness and
    production is an ongoing project and we are fortunate to be
    able to grow these intriguing trees. In most years we have
    crops of nuts and various seedlings to sell.  If you're looking
    for a particular hardy strain or chestnut trait, let us know and
    maybe we can help.
American Hazel in early fall
Allegheny chinkapin, Castanea pumila