About Us
True Nature Farm, LLC is a small family owned business just north
of Rochester Minnesota.  We have a passion for growing plants and
would like our customers to benefit from our experience with native
trees and fruits.

Most of our crops and seedlings are grown organically and we don't
use artificial means to speed up growth.  We're not afraid to
patiently wait to bring you our special products!  This also means
that sometimes we may run a bit short of one item or another;
please bear with us if this happens.

To provide the tree genetics best suited for the upper Midwest, we
collect our tree seed locally whenever possible.  This means that
there might be some variability in item sizes and the selection will
vary from year to year, but you'll know that the trees that you worked
hard to plant and care for will do well in the upper Midwest and
other harsh climate areas.

Thanks for checking out our site and please feel free to contact us
with any questions at